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Tissue Restoration

A fair number of adult patients suffer from moderate to severe bone loss. The causes of severe bone loss vary.

The most common of known causes are poor oral hygiene, errant dietary habitats, and vacant tooth sockets, i.e. extracted teeth.

Bone loss, rather than tooth decay, has been a significant factor in tooth loss, especially in older patients.

In recent years, however, effective treatment for this condition is available. Modern treatment guides the restoration of maxillary bone and the healing of gum inflammation by using substances that are natural to the body셲 normal functioning.

From a fresh collection of a patient셲 blood, a small sample of blood serum containing a high concentration of 쐏latelets and 쐅rowth factors is prepared.

Platelets are a type of cell that are found in normal blood and are usually associated with the clotting of blood at a wound site.

Harvested platelet cells are applied to the area of bone loss.

In addition to assisting in the generation of new bone, PRP also helps in healing soft tissue, for example gum tissue.

Wydent Dental Clinic has a PRP laboratory on premises. The PRP gel is prepared in our own laboratory; consequently, we maintain quality control of the entire process from preparation of the gel to application.

We are proud that with this technology,

we may be helpful to those patients who suffer from severe oral degeneration or oral disease.